forecourttech V. ’20 terms and conditions of registration – forecourt operators

  1. Submission of this booking form establishes a formal agreement between the named fuel retailer and SAB Events Europe Ltd. (the organisers) under the following terms and conditions. In submitting this form you confirm that you have the relevant authority, on behalf of the named company to attend forecourttech V.
  2. Forecourt operators may have an unlimited number of delegates who will have access to all speaker presentations and are expected to take part in the pre-scheduled meetings program with registered Suppliers.
  3. Each meeting will be of a 15 minute duration and delegates have the opportunity to arrange their meetings, with companies of their choice, 10 days before the event takes place via our meetings software program.

  4. .Please note that any fuel retail delegate who cancels on or after 30th August 2020 and is unable to provide a replacement will be liable for a cancellation fee of €400 per delegate.
  5. Company and delegate information entered on the registration form will be for the use of SAB Events Europe their discretion.The responsibility for the accuracy of information rests solely with delegates and the companies they represent. Mobile phone numbers are only used for organisational purposes and are not displayed in any online or print documents.
  • By sending your registration form you are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions.
Registration form