Tom Caldwell

Digital transformation through Smart IOT & AIOps

Fuel retail, in line with many industries, is experiencing a digital transformation, focussed on improving its service to customers. This transformation will bring new, smart technologies to forecourts and an improved, personalised retail experience for customers. In his keynote, Techniche CTO and Forbes Technology Council Member Tom Caldwell explains why smart IOT and AIOps matters to fuel retailers, and how they can harness these technologies to optimise their critical, revenue-generating assets.

About Tom

Techniche CTO and a member of the Forbes Technology Council, Tom is a veteran of Cisco and Microsoft, with deep expertise in delivering cloud-based software products and large-scale software systems to large enterprise and service providers. Tom served as Director of Engineering for over 11 years at Cisco Systems and later co-founded CyberFlow Analytics, an AI network behavioural analytics cybersecurity start-up. Tom now leads the research and development effort at Techniche.

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