Tom Caldwell

Digital transformation through Smart IOT & AIOps

Fuel retail, in line with many industries, is experiencing a digital transformation, focussed on improving its service to customers. This transformation will bring new, smart technologies to forecourts and an improved, personalised retail experience for customers. In his keynote, Techniche CTO and Forbes Technology Council Member Tom Caldwell explains why smart IOT and AIOps matters to fuel retailers, and how they can harness these technologies to optimise their critical, revenue-generating assets.

About Tom

Tom Caldwell is CTO at Techniche and is responsible for shaping the company’s new technology vision for the fuel and convenience retail industry. He and his team are piloting new artificial intelligence technologies to help Techniche customers drive the next wave of automation and digital transformation within their business. Tom brings extensive experience from his years at Cisco Systems and Microsoft in delivering large-scale AI, machine learning and cloud-based systems. He is also an active member and contributor to the Forbes Technology Council.

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