John Carrier

Projects Manager
APIs - Powering Innovation in Fuel Retailing.

For the last 4 years IFSF focussed its development funding on APIs; building a strategy, a roadmap (because IFSF has finite annual resources and cannot do everything it wants to do in one year so inevitably must prioritise) a platform and developing Fuel Retailing API Collections. Much of the initial activity, was presented at this conference last year and we continue to make progress and enhance and refine those items. Earlier this year a review was performed by REPL (a major API consultancy) which provided a reality check to ensure our chosen IFSF platform and architecture was aligned with current industry best practice. The results confirmed that our selections were as future proofed as possible, and for the most part, that the selected strategy, chosen platform and tools and applications was sound. Some minor rework was necessary as even in just those few years certain components had matured significantly whilst others fell to the wayside. The slide show presents the current API platform and tool set, providing details of the products selected and current status.

About John

Since his retirement from Shell in 2015, where he was Senior Retail IT Project Manager, John has set up his own professional services company and consults to the IFSF as Projects Manager. John has been associated with IFSF since the 80’s when he implemented the worlds first forecourt in Dublin with the IFSF Dispenser protocol.

Working for Shell, John delivered innovation and significant business change in Site Systems and, Payments and Loyalty for close to 35 years. He is passionate about the application of forecourt standards as an enabler for reduced costs, open competitive solutions and introduction of new players to the market.

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