Jan-Harmen Akkerman

Innovative concepts in a traditional market, how TanQyou conquers the traditional petrol market.

Jan-Harmen Akkerman will give an exclusive insight from out of the innovation within the petrol industry. Being the most innovative fuel station network within the Netherlands, TanQyou is being driven by an enormous innovative focus.

The presentation of Jan-Harmen will focus on TanQyou being convinced that this Petrol industry is applicable to accept new innovative concepts. The use of online tools and an optimal loyalty system which realise much higher profit from exploiting its fuel stations. All with one goal and that is becoming “the platform” in the mobility services industry.

About Jan-Harman

Founder and CEO of TanQyou, a digital native pur sang. He started ICIT (internet bureau) 18 years ago, which has developed to a full service digital agency to several multinational companies.

He was one of the founders of Elektrokoopjes.nl in 2005 which was an online provider household consumer electronics. Jan-Harmen sold Elektrokoopjes.nl in 2011 to De Harense Smit and then started the TanQyou concept.

2011 was also the year for Jan-Harmen to take a complete other direction. He bought a piece of land which was licensed to have a petrol station. To be unique in the industry the idea formed to become an unmanned fuel station concept that is able to know their customer by using modern technology tools. Providing customers a so-called warm welcome by using modern technologies.

TanQyou’s fundament and platform has started in 2015. In the last two years, TanQyou has grown to a sizeable loyalty system for the petrol branch and, at the moment of writing, owns 20 fuel stations. And the number of locations is still growing fastly.

With a combination of enthusiasm, strategy and commercial insights, Jan-Harmen is inspiring his young and enthusiastic team on a daily basis.

Jan-Harmen is the personal example of TanQyou’s slogan; Driven by a smile.

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