Frodi Hammer

Artificial Intelligence driving your digital transformation towards automation and personalisation.

Frodi will be talking about how AI today is the key technology which drives the digital transformation for companies giving examples how PriceCast Fuel today utilises this for enabling human-level automation and in the future will be capable of doing personalisation beyond what we as humans are capable of today.

About Frodi

a2i systems was founded in 2007 and is today a full stack vertical AI company focusing on developing and delivering world first AI-based industry-specific pricing decision systems – to the retail fuel industry.

Frodi Hammer is the CTO & Co-founder of a2i Systems. He is a Master of Science in Computer System Engineering and is a PhD. Researcher in AI technologies at University of Southern Denmark. He has received international recognition for papers published at accredited conferences: ISAROB, IROS & IAT.

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