François Lecomte-Vagniez

Instant Payment Initiation – opportunity and path for new payment experiences at fuel stations.

François will cover new initiatives and business perspectives offered by instant payment and PSD2 open banking channel (PISP) for paying at gas station.

“Request to Pay” – A new experience for customer & B2B

IOT Payments – The next connected vehicle wave

Benefits & business interest for Petrol companies & Retailers for instant payment initiation

Standardisation challenge to drive adoption : tools, security & channels

Current SPA Retail WG activities related to instant payment initiation

About François

François Lecomte-Vagniez works as advisory facilitator for the SPA Retail Workgroup, to share vision about common standards and use cases for smart payment, access, identification services and data protection within a worldwide retail ecosystem.

François Lecomte-Vagniez is heading Lobary, a consulting firm on digital business and payments. He brings a global expertise on secured transactions and value-added marketing services in customer journeys. He advises several large companies in Retail, Betting, Petrol and Automotive Industry, as well as Bank groups, to drive innovative services launches featuring contactless payment solutions, m-Wallets, open and close loop services acceptance, strong customer authentication (SCA), IOT and M2M payments, etc.

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