Eric Denivelle

Electric Vehicles - a threat or an opportunity for fuel retailers in Europe?

The move towards an electric vehicle (EV) future is gathering pace. From the manufacturers that make them, to the public who drive them, to the authorities managing the streets they are driven on, all of Europe is preparing itself for, and in many cases already embracing, the changing face of mobility.

Many Western European countries have for some time been banning polluting Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars from entering their major city centres. Some have even pledged to no longer accept new ICE cars to be registered in their market beyond a certain date (for instance Norway from 2025 and the UK and Germany from 2040).

The European automotive industry, who have been given even more reduced emission targets for the years to come, have reacted by developing Battery Electric Vehicles on a larger scale, and have confirmed plans to launch between them over 100 new models during the next 3 years.

Petroleum retailers are now defining their role in this new environment, where the energy needed to power a growing number of vehicles can also be supplied directly to the end-consumers, the Electric Vehicle drivers, by both electricity companies and by the automotive industry itself. Hence, is the electrification of passenger cars a threat or an opportunity for Europe’s petrol forecourt owners and operators?

About Eric

Eric Denivelle is the Director of the e-Mobility business within Gilbarco Veeder-Root, covering the EMEA and ANZ regions. Eric is in charge of commercialising the Veefil range of EV charging solutions in the petroleum retail market (primarily), as well as in other key verticals. Eric has a strong pedigree in the fuel retail space, having prior to this assignment been active in the petroleum retail industry in Europe and the CIS for 20 years. Eric also has a strong financial background, having built his early career at KPMG and Schlumberger.

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