Dr. Peter Jackson

How can enterprise management software help you transform your business?

Convenience store operators are challenged with running a complex, multi-faceted business with fierce competition and unforgiving margins. The need to invest in the right technology platform is more imminent than ever and a key factor of driving growth in today’s digital economy.

Dr. Peter Jackson, Retail VP at PDI, provides his insights on how enterprise management software can introduce time-saving automation into every part of a c-store’s operation from food service to rebate management while connecting to intelligent business.

About Peter

Peter brings more than 30 years of expertise in developing SW solutions. He is recognised for his expertise in convenience retail, gas pumps, POS and card payment industry knowledge. He combines his background in software engineering design with the ability to understand esoteric product requirements. Peter holds a PhD in Systems Engineering from Manchester University. He has lived and worked in UK, Denmark, Germany and USA.

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