Aart van Rooijen

Commercial Director
NO BIG BANG! Speeding up retail transformation through innovation in technology

No doubt fuel retailers are in the middle of a huge storm of change in order to stay relevant as a business in the day after tomorrow. According to recent studies the industry is challenged by different forces of disruption (new fuels, mobility & changing customer expectations). The impact on investments and operations is enormous and with that, the complexity of running a fuel station increases.

How can your customers (drivers, travelers and locals) be best served to exceed their expectations and HOW DO YOU ensure your retail operation runs efficiently AT THE SAME TIME? In his presentation Aart will argue that technology is the key to serving customers efficiently and optimizing the human touch. Taking a practical approach, Aart’s presentation will provide you with meaningful takeaways on “how to improve on today’s technology, to start building the future now”, “the data myth” plus “the value of an incremental innovation methodology”

About Aart

Aart van Rooijen holds two master degrees : Marketing (Brussels) and Business Administration (IE business school Madrid). For more than twenty years, Aart has been working in fuel retail and, in the first part of his career was a fuel retail professional for Total. During that period he managed a network of automatic diesel fuel stations (AS24) in the Benelux countries, using technology to fight fuel fraud as well as to control operations efficiently.

In 2005 Aart joined BigBrother. a Dutch innovation company developing security tech for the fuel retail market, working at the interface of high-tech security and intelligent data and process performance. Within Europe BigBrother supports retail companies with their transformation to the world of tomorrow, providing solutions and useful insights that accelerate the retail process based on data collection and intelligent processing models.

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