Jan-Harmen Akkerman

The fuel station on pole position, changing mobility and the influence of COVID-19

The mobility landscape is only changing faster. The breakthrough of EV, the emergence of last-mile travel options and working at home on a large scale in European countries as the new standard by COVID-19. What are the starting positions in this challenging playing field for a fuel station chain and how do you respond to these rapidly changing market conditions?

On the basis of his own story, Jan-Harmen Akkerman will guide you through the opportunities and possibilities he foresees in the market. And why he believes that our sector in particular can start from pole position.

About Jan-Harmen

Founder and CEO of TanQyou, a digital native pur sang, started internet agency ICIT 20 years ago, which has developed into a full service digital agency for various multinationals.

He was one of the founders of Elektrokoopjes.nl in 2005, an online provider of consumer electronics. In 2011, Elektrokoopjes with branches in the Netherlands and Belgium was sold to De Harense Smit. After this experience in the B2C market, Jan-Harmen started his next adventure in 2015 by founding TanQyou as an innovation network of unmanned fuel stations in the Netherlands.

By 2020, the technology behind TanQyou has surpassed its own retail brand and the platform activities have become independent. MoveYou provides whitelabel MaaS and Data services focused on the petrolmarket throughout Europe.

With a combination of enthusiasm, strategy and commercial insights, Jan-Harmen inspires his young and enthusiastic team on a daily basis.

Jan-Harmen is the personal example of TanQyou’s slogan; Driven by a smile.

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