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UK supermarket Tesco readies ‘just walk out’ tech at London express store

Supermarket giant Tesco has created what is set to be its first public-facing store using cashierless technology, as grocers compete to offer more convenience shopping to customers.

The FTSE 100 firm has trialled items being automatically added to a digital shopping basket as customers pick them up from the shelves at its Welwyn Garden City store at the HQ used by staff.

In June Tesco boss Ken Murphy said the company would extend that to another store “in the coming weeks and months”.

The chain has now refurbished its Tesco Express site in High Holborn with new pay gates and a host of cameras installed in the ceiling.

According to Retail Week magazine which reported on the store changes, the technology is not yet operational but “it is destined to be the first public-facing Tesco store equipped with its Trigo-powered version of Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology”.

The Retail Week report added that Trigo uses computer-vision-powered tech that supports checkout-free retail experiences.

The supermarket sector is continuing to try out ways to offer people more convenience when it comes to shopping.

This year tech giant Amazon has opened a number of till-free convenience stores in London. Shoppers can scan a smartphone app to enter, pick up goods, and walk away. Shortly after they get an email receipt and are be billed from their Amazon account.

The Amazon Fresh stores are using the same ‘just walk out’ technology the firm uses at its more than 20 Amazon Go and Amazon Go Grocery stores in the US.