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Total wins tender to operate 2,300 EV charge points in Paris

French oil and gas giant Total has won a concession tender awarded by the City of Paris for the modernisation and extension of its public EV charging network, which will eventually encompass 2,300 EV charging points.

The Council of Paris awarded the tender to Total for the management of its on-street public network for the next 10 years, including the supply, installation, and technical and commercial operation of the charge points network.

The new network will combine two former individual networks – the Bélib’ network, from which the final EV charging network will take its name, as well as the former Autolib’ network.

Total’s current plans are to increase the number of EV charge points in Paris by 56% to a total of 2,300. Total has not only committed to modernising the current operational EV charge points but to install fast-charging hubs at selected underground parking lots.

The Bélib’ network will eventually expand to include 270 charge points from the existing Bélib’ network; 1,830 new charge points; 140 new charge points dedicated for motorcycles and scooters; and 10 fast-charging hubs, for a total of 2,329 EV charge points across Paris.

“This partnership with the City of Paris enables us to accelerate our transformation toward a broad energy company,” said Alexis Vovk, the president of marketing and services at Total.

“We are delighted by the trust placed in us by the Council of Paris for the 10 coming years, through this concession, for the Bélib’ network management and modernization. Following Amsterdam, Brussels and London, another major European city is henceforth building on Total’s expertise to foster the transition of its citizens’ mobility. As such, our promise is to provide our customers with a 100% renewable electricity charge and a service that meets their expectations.

“This Belib’ offer will complement the electric mobility services that Total already provides to its customers, both individuals and professionals: at work, at home, in public spaces, in commercial areas or in our service stations.”

The plans also include the proposed development of solar farms in France that will be dedicated to covering the total electricity needs of the EV charging network, ensuring that French drivers are able to charge their EVs using 100% renewable electricity.

The move comes less than two months after Total acquired London’s largest EV charging network, Source London, with over 1,600 on-street charge points across the city.

As with the Bélib’ network, Total has committed to ensuring that the Source London EV charging network would continue to be powered by 100% renewable electricity, which will be supplied through the company’s subsidiary Total Gas & Power Limited.