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TanQyou splits IT and platform services under MoveYou

Exactly five years after opening its first petrol station in Franeker, a striking transition is taking place at TanQyou. It was recently announced that TanQyou, an innovative petrol station formula, has split off its IT and platform services under a new label, MoveYou. 

“From the moment we entered this industry five years ago, we have focussed on building our own loyalty system accompanied by various technical innovations from our background. In recent years, our petrol station network has grown rapidly to 25 own stations, but our technical services have grown even faster. You could say that our IT and platform services have transcended our petrol stations’’, said Mick Brants of MoveYou. 

White label solutions

Since last year TanQyou has started to offer its services in a whitelabel format. Now it appears that the sector-specific demand for TanQyou’s customer journey continues. ‘’For example, in the past year we have been overwhelmed by colleagues and oil traders with the request to use the payment platform and EV Charging and Parking infrastructure of TanQyou, as a partial solution for seamless mobility.’’, says Brants.

As a result, the name TanQyou covers less or less the meaning, since it is difficult to a customer who exclusively uses a white label service that TanQyou also operates its own petrol stations. In addition, it is experienced that these successes lead to channel conflicts in practise. From this perspective, it is becoming increasingly clear that the company is ready for a new phase. 

MoveYou, MaaS and loyalty service provider for petrol

Halfway through the last year, therefore, a process was started around the disconnecting of TanQyou’s IT and platform services. A correct name was essential, as a reflection of this renewed concept. The name MoveYou has been established for this. MoveYou is the supplier of digital payment, loyalty and mobility services. For example, with one of the MoveYou MaaS services such as EV Charging, Parking, Public or Shared Transport, you can expand a traditional fuel card into a total mobility provider. 

The greatest unique value of MoveYou lies in the large number of providers, services and integrations with back office parties from all over Europe, which come together in the MoveYou platform. This allows every oil trader to grow into a total mobility unburdener. 

The digital developments in these areas will go so fast in the coming years that it is only possible for the major players to bear this IT investment themselves. With its platform, MoveYou has the opportunity to also let the smaller players in the fuel market participate in this violence. Every oil trader in Europe gets equal opportunities through this platform within the mobility solution(s) they need.