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PRF launches Portugal’s first portable hydrogen station

Portuguese energy company PRF Gas Solutions (PRF) has launched a new portable hydrogen refuelling station (PHRS) with plans to build more hydrogen filling stations across the country.


Located in the city of Cascais, the pioneer facility supplies heavy and light vehicles at 350 bar, and in the future will also supply light vehicles at 700 bar.

The portable DRHYVE station was entirely designed, developed and built in Portugal by PRF. It is the first of many hydrogen refuelling stations that PRF intends to install in Portugal, says the company.

According to Bruno Faustino, Director of the Hydrogen Business Unit at PRF, the company already has in construction the 2nd portable hydrogen filling station. “Although this station does not have its own production, we are already designing stations with its own local production of hydrogen, making the systems fully autonomous,” says Faustino.

The portable hydrogen station in Cascais currently supplies two buses and a light car.

PRF has 30 years of activity and 20 years of experience in gas refuelling stations.