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LUKOIL BELUX relies on the expertise of ICASA

LUKOIL BELUX has chosen ICASA as a partner to make their 185 stations in Belgium and Luxembourg future proof. ‘To be ready for future challenges we make use of the ICASA Suite to manage all of our stations and shops’, Ivo Hoskens - Retail Director & Deputy Managing Director Lukoil Benelux - explains.
Automating business processes into ICASA Suite

"In addition to mobile payments and POS operations, we also needed a solid solution for analysis,
reporting, inventory management and invoicing. That is why we were looking for a software supplier
with a total and integrated solution", Ivo continues. 

"We chose ICASA to support us in this challenge. By further automating all business processes into the ICASA Suite, ICASA assists us in maximizing our
productivity, controlling our costs and managing our energy business."

Cloud solution to run business from beginning to end 
"We are delighted to guide LUKOIL in this next step", Rudi Bollen - CEO of ICASA Group - explains. 

"With our ICASA Suite we offer our customers a cloud solution to run their business from beginning to end,
and we provide the flexibility of implementing a solution which perfectly matches the changing needs
and wishes of our partner’s business."

Flexible and streamlined processes 
"ICASA will integrate the station's head and back office (for fuel and shop) into the POS system. This
makes the management of the stations easier, more flexible and more user-friendly, and will provide
new functionalities such as clear reports on a dashboard, extensive stock and shop management, ....

"The ICASA Suite guarantees flexible and streamlined processes that can be easily customized
according to new situations or changing needs, allowing our customers to continuously optimize their
business. Station owners can use an app on their own mobile phone or on a specially designed
scanner that they can purchase. The automatic link with most shop suppliers is also very useful."