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Invenco and Centrapay partner to bring next generation payments to the pump

Invenco® , a global provider of revolutionary self-service payment technology and secure customer engagement solutions, has partnered with Centrapay® to enable their pay-at-pump terminals to accept next-generation payments.

Centrapay and Invenco are both New Zealand-based companies with a shared commitment to open platform systems which generate increased consumer and retailer opportunities. The integration between Centrapay’s Merchant Payments system and Invenco’s iNFX Retail Microservices enables retail fuel locations to transact using digital currencies including digital wallets, POS/merchant services, rewards programs and more.

The payment network runs on Invenco G6 and G7 pay-at-pump terminals with transactions processing through the Invenco Electronic Payment Server (EPS) retail microservice offering. With demand for use of non-tradition payment methods rising steadily, the integration improves customer experience at the pump while keeping payment systems secure. Nathan Barnett, Head of APAC Business Development at Invenco, notes “Centrapay is an impressive demonstration of what the future of payments looks like throughout the retail market.

Their user experience offering is engaging, and their agile system is a valuable addition to Invenco’s c-store microservice offerings.” Jerome Faury, Founder at Centrapay says “this partnership enables the evolution from card-based payments to app based. Fuel companies, gift card providers and consumer payment apps can now easily transact on their own assets, currencies and products. With a few lines of code, Invenco and Centrapay are providing a personalized, digital and data-driven payment experience.” Retailers interested in implementing next-generation payments at their site should contact or visit to connect with Invenco. For more information on Centrapay visit