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Implico and Minsait announce partnership to support digitalisation

Downstream IT solutions provider Implico Group and digital transformation and IT consultancy Minsait, an Indra company, have formed a partnership to support the digitalisation of oil and gas companies in Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula and Italy

They plan to guide and support oil and gas companies in these regions in their digitisation endeavors, based on SAP technology enriched with specialist downstream solutions and services.

Both Implico and Minsait are convinced that oil and gas companies must streamline and target their operations via digitalization now more than ever. The better their internal and external processes are designed, the more direct and purposeful they can position themselves in a market that is hard to predict and constantly in motion.

“By running time- and resource-heavy processes automatically in the background, they free valuable resources and provide the agility, reliability and capability needed to position oneself ahead of the curve. Together with Minsait, we are looking forward to help many new customers to make their businesses fit for the future with innovative, capable SAP solutions,” says Tim Hoffmeister, CEO of Implico.

According to Implico and Minsait, digitalisation is especially important in today’s – and tomorrow’s – oil and gas landscape, which is heavily impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.