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Hydrogen coalition plans for 1500 hydrogen stations in Europe by 2030

A 62-member hydrogen coalition has unveiled plans to deploy up to 100,000 hydrogen-powered trucks and 1,500 hydrogen stations in Europe by 2030.

The announcement was made by the President of Hydrogen Europe, Valérie Bouillon-Delporte, representing the coalition statement signatories during day one of the first ever European Hydrogen Week.

The coalition virtually delivered its “milestone [statement] towards the decarbonisation of the heavy-duty industry in Europe”, states the coalition’s press release, only a few weeks before the publication of the EU Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy on 9 December, the sector roadmap for the years ahead.

According to Hydrogen Europe, the number of registered hydrogen-powered vehicles is expected to double every year from 2030 onwards to meet the targets of the EU’s CO2 emissions regulations.

The coalition statement ‘On the deployment of fuel cell and hydrogen heavy-duty trucks in Europe’ is supported by 62 signatures including OEMs, fuel cell and hydrogen technology suppliers, refuelling and hydrogen infrastructure providers, truck operators, users of road freight services and related industry associations.