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Ghop smart c-store chain to focus its expansion plans on petrol stations

Ghop, the first smart convenience store chain in Spain, will focus its expansion plan on the petrol station market, according to co-founder Lino Monteaguado in an interview with infoRETAIL.

The Spanish startup is preparing the next openings of its smart shops for next November in Madrid. Meanwhile, it is in the process of finalising a financing round to develop its business model.

Expansion will focus on petrol stations located in city centres and industrial areas, and not on sites on the road at this stage. Ghop's next smart c-store will open its doors in an urban petrol station in Madrid in early November, followed by two more outlets later that month.

The strategic decision to focus its business on petrol stations comes after analysing the results of its first automated shop, which opened as a pop-up store at the end of July in a shopping centre in Madrid.

In conversation with infoRETAIL, Lino Monteagudo highlighted the "coverage" of service stations as one of the main attractions to develop Ghop's growth plan.