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DoorDash users can now add food from c-stores to their restaurant orders

Food delivery platform Door Dash has launched anew feature  which allows users to add items from nearby stores to their original order without additional delivery fees or order minimums.

DoubleDash is currently available at 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Wawa, The Ice Cream Shop, QuickCheck and DashMart, as well as local restaurants in select markets, according to a company blog post.

Customers who place their restaurant order on DoorDash can look for the DoubleDash option after checkout to add items from stores indicated on a map. From those store pages, they can add drinks, snacks or other items. The orders arrive at the same time.

This feature comes as demand for grocery and convenience store delivery continues to grow. DoorDash customers increased their c-store spending by 162% from Q3 2020 to Q4 2020, according to Edison Trends.

Food delivery apps continue to diversify as they look to lure new customers with convenience and grab a larger slice of the online grocery market. Since last year, DoorDash has offered on-demand grocery delivery, while rival Uber introduced grocery delivery through both its main app and Uber Eats. Grubhub also offers the service.

In addition, Uber recently added a Pickup and Go feature that allows Rides passengers to pick up meals and groceries en route to their destination.

Combining food and grocery delivery helps third-party aggregators meet evolving consumer needs during the pandemic while trying to stay top-of-mind share as consumers flock back to restaurants. However One potential challenge with DoubleDash, however, is that the added service could further slow delivery times and labor at the company.