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Delek US to introduce AI-powered self-checkouts

Delek US Holdings will team up with Mashgin, provider of touchless self-checkout systems, to roll out frictionless, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered self-checkouts at more than 70 convenience stores across Texas this summer.

Customers will be able to walk inside a store, select the items they want, place them in a Mashgin kiosk tray, and have all items instantly recognised and simultaneously totalled in less than half a second, without the need to look for and scan barcodes.

Guests can then use credit cards, debit cards or mobile pay to complete transactions without touching anything but their purchase and the form of payment. Transactions can be completed in as little as 10 seconds, Delek stated.

"The Mashgin touchless experience in Delek's DK stores truly supports our mantra of 'Making Your Day A Little Easier.' This mantra is prominent on the front signage of all of our new and reimagined stores as a commitment to our brand promise," said Tony Miller, executive vice president, Delek US.

"Mashgin's autonomous self-checkout is 300 percent faster, frictionless, and social distance-friendly. Mashgin is the first initiative of a comprehensive innovation strategy Delek is employing to create a unique shopping experience for its customers."