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Commercial music streaming service that directly impacts shopper behaviours raises $4m in funding

Australian commercial music streaming service, Qsic, has raised $4m in Series A funding to grow its technology platform that directly impacts shopper behaviours and experiences.

Qsic, founded by schoolmates Matt Elsley and Nick Larkins in 2012, offers music streaming services to commercial businesses, such as retail stores and fast food outlets with hundreds of brands and thousands of stores nationwide using the platform daily.

In addition to music streaming, Qsic curates the in-store experience in measurable and direct ways, including automatic volume adjustment based on real-life traffic and tailored content feeding, like ads, as customers move through spaces.

This is done through anonymous touchpoints including in-store movement and sound decibel sensors, as well as point of sale data. As a result, Qsic’s partners are able to better understand their customers’ behaviours and make data-driven decisions at scale.

The company already has more than 70 Australian customers including 7-Eleven, McDonald’s, Mecca Cosmetica, and Scanlan Theodore, and reaches over 26 million unique listeners every month.

Qsic will use the raise to build new products on top of its already established platform; creating an even more seamless and hyper-connected whole-of-store infrastructure network.