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bp teams up with Grabango to implement automated checkouts

The company will retrofit 10 locations across its network of convenience stores beginning in mid 2022.

bp will integrate automated checkout into Amoco and ampm stores alongside Grabango, the leading provider of checkout-free technology for existing stores. The company seeks to retrofit 10 convenience store locations across its network.

“We are always looking for innovative solutions that bring a more seamless experience to our customers. We believe this technology will positively change the scale of retail and create a wave reaction in the marketplace. Today it’s just our first 10 locations. Tomorrow, there is potential to bring Grabango’s technology to our entire network,” said Lisa Blalock, Vice President of Marketing, Mobility & Convenience Americas for bp.

bp will offer Grabango’s checkout-free solution at 10 locations throughout the United States, including seven ampm stations in northern California and three Amoco locations in western Pennsylvania. Grabango-powered ampm and Amoco stores will be live to shoppers in mid-2022.

Grabango is free and allows shoppers to skip the line altogether and save time. There are no special shelves, carts, baskets, or turnstiles required to enter or shop. To get started, shoppers download the free Grabango app and shop as they normally would. The system keeps a running tally of items picked up so there’s no need to scan each one on the way out. Payment is automatic and contactless, saving additional time for the shopper.