18-19 October 2022, Asia Gardens Hotel, Alicante, Spain

Fit for e-mobility with the new Hectronic portfolio

Hectronic is launching new solutions to advance the authorization and payment process for the charging of electric vehicles. No matter if an existing charging infrastructure is extended or a new one is set up: Company and fleet filling stations, public filling stations, charging parks and owners of customer and employee parking spaces find their solutions in the new e-mobility portfolio of Hectronic.

E-mobility is booming. In 2020 alone, the number of registrations of new battery-electric vehicles (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) tripled. And in June 2021, the number of 1 million electric vehicles on German streets was reached. With the increasing number of electric vehicles, however, the charging infrastructure needs to be extended. Apart from the installation of charging poles, the authorization and payment process needs to be as simple as possible. With the eReady update for existing fuel terminals, the Eco-Line fuel terminals, the payment terminal HecPay Eco (available from spring 2022 and completely cashless), and a software solution for the back office, Hectronic turns the entry into e-mobility into a piece of cake.

The eReady Update for Existing Fuel Terminals

Depending on the applications, eReady can be activated at different fuel terminals of the system provider from the Black Forest. „We can easily install our solution for e-mobility as an update on an existing terminal. This makes it possible to control the fuelling processes and the charging poles; after the update, the latter can be operated together with fuel pumps in mixed operation”, explains Harald Meier, Product Manager e-mobility at the family enterprise from Bonndorf. Furthermore, eReady can be combined with Hectronic’s authorization system easy2fuel that takes fuel cards via app into the smartphone.  “In this way, operators accelerate the fuelling and charging processes and can simultaneously manage all data”, Meier explains the operating principle. “With eReady, operators can easily extend their existing infrastructure by e-mobility. In a nutshell: With eReady electricity becomes a further fuel”, the Hectronic product manager emphasizes.

The Eco-Line Fuel Terminals for Electricity and Other Fuels

If company premises or public filling stations are equipped from scratch, operators can select the new fuel terminal model from the Eco-Line. With its high reliability, the housing types available and the manifold combination options the Heconomy Eco is perfectly suited for the requirements of a company filling station. The HecVision Eco guarantees flexibility and reliability for public 24h filling stations. All Eco-Line terminals are characterized by an easy authorization or payment process. Drivers can pay by fuel, debit and credit card or by smarthphone. After the release, users simply select the desired charging pole and charging station at the terminal.

The New Payment Terminal HecPay Eco for E-Mobility

Hectronic launches a new, completely cash- and paperless payment terminal ensuring an easy and cost-efficient entry into e-mobility. Naturally, the retrofitting of an existing charging infrastructure is no problem with the HecPay Eco. The target group includes cities and municipalities, parking space operators, companies with customer and employee parking spaces and small charging parks. The payment terminal convinces by its high user-friendliness. “Customers can easily pay contactless by credit/debit card and smartphone. The use of common charging cards and the authorization of station and city cards do not pose any problems either. And, of course, the barrier-free and contactless payment process for ad-hoc charging processes is compliant with the charging pole regulation coming into effect in mid-2023”, explains Marc Albrecht, Product Manager Parking with Hectronic. By means of graphic user guidance drivers of electric vehicles can then select the desired charging pole and gain access to charging options. In this process, the payment terminal can control numerous charging poles resp. charging points per station. Furthermore, an export interface for the flexible cooperation with third-party providers and different backend systems offers maximum integration capacity.

Backoffice Solutions for Charging with Electricity

As a holistic solution provider, Hectronic aspires to cover all areas - naturally including the field of e-mobility. All Hectronic solutions for e-mobility are thus supported by a backoffice solution. The platform-independent and web-based management solution bundles and conveys the fuel and payment terminal data to the office. Users can see transactions, manage master data and create comprehensive reportings, thus forming a solid basis for process optimization. The intuitive operation and result-oriented user guidance also facilitate the handling for users.

Take the next steps into e-mobility with Hectronic!