technologies optimizing operations on the retail forecourt & enhancing customer experiences

Peter Van Nauw

Snr. Director Systems & Payment
Dover Fueling Solutions
Driving the Customer Experience - a supplier perspective

At this year’s forecourttech, I will be providing a supplier perspective on how to drive the consumer experience using the power of technology. Digitization is not only revolutionising the experience for the end customer, but it is key to the success of the retailer and in my presentation, I will discuss a number of aspects related to this topic, including the impact of COVID-19 has had on speeding up the adoption of contactless payment technology for many fuel retailers around the globe and has indirectly resulted in a faster, more convenient payment experience for the customer.

I’m looking forward to you all joining me in October to discuss these key focus points surrounding enhancing the customer experience through digital transformation.

The forecourttech ’21 Conference program will be moderated by Mark Wohltmann, Director, NACS Global, who is also a key note speaker.

Speaker presentations are designed to educate and inform on present day and evolving technologies. From presentations on technologies that optimize operations around mobility hubs, the C-Store, to those that enhance the customer experience, including e-mobility, payment & smart checkout systems. Presentations will come from major European retailers The Maxol Group & Q8, as well as leading global technology providers Dover Fueling Solutions, Scheidt & Bachmann, ICASA, Big Brother & Virta.

This year forecourttech also introduces Panel Sessions moderated by Christian Warning, MD, The Retail Marketeers & the Foodvenience Organisation. Christian will invite panelists from the delegate audience representing major and Independent Operators to discuss their views on emerging technologies, casting light on their forward thinking strategies to aid and abet technology providers in their own R&D programmes.