18-19 October 2022, Asia Gardens Hotel, Alicante, Spain

Elias Pöyry

CBO & Co-Founder
Electric vehicle charging in the black – time to monetise EV’s and their drivers

The presentation will:

  • Give an outlook to the rapidly changing EV charging business models
  • Provide practical information on forecourt EV charging management and operations
  • Give specific data on charging volumes and monetization model based on our experience with 40 000 charging stations
  • Thoughts on how to lure the EV driver to charge at my forecourt instead of competitors
  • Open the window to emerging business models related to energy

The forecourttech ’22 Conference program will be moderated by Mark Wohltmann, Director, NACS Global, who will also be a keynote speaker.

Speaker presentations are designed to educate and inform on present day and evolving technologies. From presentations on technologies that optimize operations around fuel and convenience retailing, to those that enhance the customer experience. Subject matter for presentations in 2022 is currently being discussed and speakers will come from fuel & convenience retailers, technology providers, Industry Associations and other associated industry companies.

The line up for 2022 will be announced in March.