18-19 October 2022, Asia Gardens Hotel, Alicante, Spain

Aart van Rooijen

Commercial Director
Optimising the Customer Journey

Taking from BigBrother’s International perspective Aart will provide useful insights about best practices in optimizing the customer journey in a hybrid world with both online and offline environments. Considering a store or shop as the ideal environment to collect data, Aart will share his vision on how this data can become useful insights thanks to intelligent processing models.


Aart van Rooijen holds two master degrees : Marketing (Brussels) and Business Administration (IE Business school Madrid).  For more than twenty-five years, Aart has worked in fuel retail. In the first part of his career Aart was a fuel retail professional for Total. During that time, he managed a network of automatic diesel fuel stations (AS24) in the Benelux using technology to fight fuel fraud as well as to control operations efficiently.

In 2005 Aart joined BigBrother. Founded in 1995, BigBrother is a Dutch innovation company developing security tech for the retail market working at the interface of high-tech security, intelligent data and process performance. BigBrother supports on a European scale leading retail companies in creating a safe, easy and convenient customer experience as well as in transforming their retail business into the world after tomorrow.

As commercial director, Aart has been part of BigBrother’s innovation team thinking up new solutions for the problems and challenges observed in retail businesses. Being passionate about the retail market, Aart is striving to be a partner in digitalizing retail organizations successfully.

For the last ten years Aart has been moderating the “FuelDay for retail”, a yearly international convention organised by BigBrother to inspire retailers in facing the opportunities and challenges in the day after tomorrow..

The forecourttech ’22 Conference program will be moderated by Mark Wohltmann, Director, NACS Global, who will also be a keynote speaker.

Speaker presentations are designed to educate and inform on present day and evolving technologies. From presentations on technologies that optimize operations around fuel and convenience retailing, to those that enhance the customer experience. Subject matter for presentations in 2022 is currently being discussed and speakers will come from fuel & convenience retailers, technology providers, Industry Associations and other associated industry companies.

The line up for 2022 will be announced in March.