18-19 October 2022, Asia Gardens Hotel, Alicante, Spain

Tom Hatton

Head of Product Management
Optimally Optimizing; the principles of success in Fuel Pricing

Tom Hatton will break down the factors that lead to success in Fuel Pricing. From the preparation of a meaningful data environment, to the utilisation of AI – these considerations are only a part of the picture.  As many of the other speakers at Forecourttech ’21 will speak about — things are changing in the fuel retail environment across the globe and as a result, pricing teams have to adapt. The only way to ensure you can successfully adapt to new scenarios is to effectively prepare for them.

Join me to find out what is needed to achieve success in Fuel Pricing.

As Kalibrate’s Head of Product Management, Tom represents the voice of the customer for Kalibrate Pricing. Using his extensive experience of managing fuel pricing internationally across multiple brands — Tom ensures Kalibrate’s products facilitate fuel pricing teams to implement successful strategies and tactics. At Forecourttech ‘21 he will discuss how to be successful at Fuel Pricing — and share insight from his unique perspective of the global Fuel Pricing landscape.


The forecourttech ’22 Conference program will be moderated by Mark Wohltmann, Director, NACS Global, who will also be a keynote speaker.

Speaker presentations are designed to educate and inform on present day and evolving technologies. From presentations on technologies that optimize operations around fuel and convenience retailing, to those that enhance the customer experience. Subject matter for presentations in 2022 is currently being discussed and speakers will come from fuel & convenience retailers, technology providers, Industry Associations and other associated industry companies.

The line up for 2022 will be announced in March.